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Point to Point Intelligence (OIO)

This agency observes the governing construction from civilian natural interaction to leadership of those intelligence structures for each territory among earth men. Point to Point Intelligence, OIO, begins with the person. Who might move from one position to another on the Garden Planet, one town to another, one country to another, one planet to a moon or other planet, or one star to another; interpersonal communication is also referenced. Our mission develops intelligence structure for the defense of the garden planet, and is following an international commitment to build earth orbit research platforms, and a moon based facility, to further the development of OIO. We watch closely other organizations dedicated to planetary defense, and with issues generally considered above the regional security guard intelligence structures for individual national intelligence agencies; and support those agencies where needed.

"The Domestic and International Intelligence you need to lead."

Learn how to contribute to OIO, GAEA, and GAIA as an independent perspective. Learn to operate on your own, or choose to build independent data and working groups among these and other organizations.

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