Point to Point Intelligence

This agency observes the activity of UFO sightings, Interactions among nations with UFO activity, agencies of the territories where science and development permit space travel, or strategic advantage with technology and cooperation. Specifically, projects like A51 in the USA are observed, and other like it among the territories of planet earth. Point to point intelligence; Understood is as stated. Town to town, territory to territory, planet to planet, and star to star. Contribution Projects supporting OIO include Quantunnel.com; Theoryofrelativity.net, and other projects classified as necessary observation for the team. This division is currently working to understand a commitment by multiple nations to establish a joint airport on the moon, and uses this as an intelligence perspective to build from terrestrial to non terrestrial orbital and solar intelligence, supporting the defense of a point.

"The domestic and International Non Terrestrial Intelligence you need to lead."

Whether you need it or not.

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